Rare & Goa History Book Section

Rare Books & Goan History Section

This Section of Central Library is unique in India and has the following collection:

1) Early manuscripts and imprints of XVI & XVII Century.:

2) Books on Goa and Indo Portuguese History.:

3) Pre-Liberation books belonging to the Biblioteca Nacional.:

4) Books received under Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867.:

5) Collection of 167 pre-liberation bound newspapers & Journals published in Goa, the only existing collection of its kind on history of Goa.:

Official Gazette (Boletim Official) since 1837.

1) GOA, . Archebispado. Constituicoes de Arcebispado de Goa. Goa Collegio de S. Paulo, 1643. 2 Vols. Rules & Regulations of the Archbishopric of the Goa, on Church Matters.

2) Barros, Joao de and Couto, Diogo. Da Asia, Lisboa, Regia, Officiana Typographia, 1778-1888, 24 Vols.

(This Volume provides historical description, geography, Commerce, towns and customs of East and deals with historical background of Portugal from the year 593 to 1538.)

3) Esteva, Thomas. Discurso sobre a vinda de Jesus Christo Nosso Saluodor ao mundo, 1761.306, 19 leves, illus.

(This book is known as “Krista Purana”, originally written in 1616. This copy is of 1654 edition copied by Manoel Salvador Rebello in 1767.)

4) GOA. Arcebispado. Concilios Provinciais do Arcebispado de Goa, 1721. 70 leaves. (The work gives a detailed accounts of five Provincial Councils held in Goa in 1567, 1575,1585,1592,1606 respectively.)

5) Padres da Companhia de Jesus. Vocabulario da lingua canari, 2 vols. Vocabularies of Canary – Portuguese and Portuguese-Canary.

6) Castanheda, Fernao Lopez do. Historia de descobrimento e conqvista da India Pelos Portuguese. 8 livros. Lisboa, Typographia Rollandiana, 1833.

(The author of this chronicle came to India in 1528 and he devoted ten years to collect all the information required for this work. He was an eyewitness to various events in India. His narrative covers the period from discovery of India to 1541.)

7) Correa, Gaspar. Lendas da India. 4 tomos. Lisboa, Academia Real das Sciencias, 1858-1864. (The author of this work was in India from 1512-1527. He was Secretary to Afonso de Albuquerque. He travelled a lot, in order to get the required information for his great work, which covers 53 years of Indo-Portuguese history, beginning from Discovery of India.)

8) Couto, Diogo de. Soldado Pratico. Lisboa, Academia Real das Sciencias, 1790. (It gives information on the main causes of fall of Portuguese power in Asia, like corrupt administration and pleasure-seeking in personal lives.)

9) Gois, Damio de. Cronica do Felicicissimo Rei D. Manuel. 4 parts. Coimbra, Imprensa da Universidade, 1926. (The author of this work was the keeper of Torre do Tombo, Lisbon. He served King D. Manuel from the age of nine years. In this chronicle, he narrates the facts of his own experiences. This work gives more information on Portuguese Overseas Territories especially Portuguese India than on Portugal itself. The period covered is from 1495-1521.)