Goa Govt Website

Goa Govt Website
Sr. No Department URL
1 Captain of Ports Department http://www.ports.goa.gov.in/
2 Collectorate North Goa https://northgoa.gov.in/
3 Collectorate South Goa http://southgoa.nic.in/
4 Commission, Labour & Employment Goa http://labour.goa.gov.in
5 Custodian of Evacuee Property http://www.nishkantsampati.goa.gov.in/
6 Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services http://www.ahvs.goa.gov.in/
7 Department of Commercial Taxes http://www.goacomtax.gov.in/
8 Department of Co-operative Societies http://www.coopgoa.gov.in/
9 Department of Information and Publicity http://www.dip.goa.gov.in/
10 Department of Rural Development http://rdagoa.nic.in/
11 Department of Sainik Welfare http://www.dosw.goa.gov.in
12 Department of Science, Technology & Environment http://www.dstegoa.gov.in/
13 Department of Tourism http://www.goatourism.gov.in/
14 Department of Urban Development https://goaulbservice.gov.in/
15 Department of Water Resources http://www.goawrd.gov.in/
16 Directorate of Agriculture http://agri.goa.gov.in/
17 Directorate of Archives & Archaeology http://daa.goa.gov.in
18 Directorate of Education http://www.education.goa.gov.in/
19 Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services https://dfes.goa.gov.in/
20 Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration http://www.dfda.goa.gov.in/
21 Directorate of Health Services http://www.dhsgoa.gov.in/
22 Directorate of Higher Education https://dhe.goa.gov.in/
23 Directorate of Industries Trade & Commerce http://ditc.goa.gov.in/
24 Directorate of Mines & Geology https://dmg.goa.gov.in/
25 Directorate of Panchayats http://panchayatsgoa.gov.in/
26 Directorate of Official Language http://www.dol.goa.gov.in/
27 Directorate of Planning, Statistics, and Evaluation & Chief Registrar of Births & Death http://goadpse.gov.in/
28 Directorate of Settlement and Land Records https://dslr.goa.gov.in/
29 Directorate of Social Welfare http://socialwelfare.goa.gov.in/
30 Directorate of Sports and Cultural Affairs http://www.dsya.goa.gov.in/
31 Directorate of Technical Education http://dte.goa.gov.in/
32 Directorate of Transport http://www.goatransport.gov.in/
33 Directorate of Women & Child Development http://dwcd.goa.gov.in
34 Electricity Department http://electricity.goa.gov.in
35 Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education http://www.gbshse.gov.in/
36 Goa College of Architecture https://gcarch.goa.gov.in/
37 Goa College of Pharmacy http://gcp.goa.gov.in
38 Goa Dental College https://gdch.goa.gov.in/
39 Goa e-SMS Portal http://itgesms.goa.gov.in/
40 Goa Excise Department http://www.goastateexcise.goa.gov.in/
41 Goa Forest Department India http://www.forest.goa.gov.in
42 Goa Gazetteer Department http://www.gazetteer.goa.gov.in/
43 Goa Housing Board https://ghb.goa.gov.in/
44 Goa State Information Commission https://gsic.goa.gov.in/
45 Goa Medical College & Hospital http://www.gmcmec.gov.in/
46 Goa Police https://citizen.goapolice.gov.in/
47 Goa State Election Commission http://www.sec.goa.gov.in
48 Goa State Museum http://goamuseum.gov.in/
49 Goa Tenders https://eprocure.goa.gov.in/nicgep/app
50 Government ITI Mapusa http://www.itimapusa.goa.gov.in
51 Government ITI Panaji http://www.itipanaji.goa.gov.in
52 Government ITI Pernem http://www.itipernem.goa.gov.in
53 Government ITI Sattari http://www.itisattari.goa.gov.in
54 Government ITI Bicholim http://itibicholim.goa.gov.in
55 Government ITI Cacora http://iticacora.goa.gov.in
56 Government ITI Canacona http://iticanacona.goa.gov.in
57 Government ITI Farmagudi http://itifarmagudi.goa.gov.in
58 Government ITI Margao http://itimargao.goa.gov.in
59 Government ITI Vasco http://itivasco.goa.gov.in
60 Inspectorate of Factories & Boilers https://ifbgoa.goa.gov.in/en/home
61 Institute of Psychiatry & Human Behaviour http://iphb.goa.gov.in
62 National Health Mission https://nhm.gov.in/
63 NRI Commission http://nri.goa.gov.in
64 Office of the Chief Electoral Officer http://www.ceogoa.nic.in/
65 Printing and Stationery http://www.goaprintingpress.gov.in
66 Public Grievances https://www.publicgrievances.goa.gov.in/
67 Public-Private Partnership Cell http://pppcell.goa.gov.in
68 State Directorate of Craftsmen Training https://dsde.goa.gov.in/
69 Right to Information https://rti.goa.gov.in/
70 River Navigation Department http://www.rnd.goa.gov.in/