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Krishnadas Shama

Goa State Central Library

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Govt. Town Library,Cuncolim, Goa
Govt. Town Library,Cuncolim, Goa

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Government Town Library Quepem was inaugurated on 26th September 2017. Presently the library is housed in premises allotted by Quepem Municipal Council on lease. Total collection of the library is 8,508 books in diverse languages—English, Marathi, Hindi and Konkani —besides newspapers and periodicals, are homed in this library. Library has various sections viz. Circulation, Periodical, News paper, own book reading, Reference, Children, and Goa. Library is kept open on Saturdays. As on January 2018, the library claimed a membership of 197.

Government Town Library started with the objective of providing a free public library and information service to the people of Quepem and surrounding neighbouring villages. The library serves the students of 5 High schools, 2 Higher Secondary schools, a college, a special school for mentally challenged kids and a near by primary school, library also acts as community centre for informal education. Employees from Govt. Departments, Banks, Schools, post-office, Advocates, Animal vatenaries, Agricultural need etc. and the general public visit library for their recreational & Informational needs.It serves the needs of all members of community without any distinction of class, creed, occupation, race, sex and specially those of neo-literates and children.

Many users visit the library every day. Most of the users visit the library to attain knowledge to answer competitive exams. Many users of the library excelled in GPSC/NET/SET/ Banking/CA and other competitive exams.

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