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Goa State Central Library

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Rules and Forms

Rules and Forms

Rules & Forms
Rules Download Size
Government Library Rules PDF icon Government Library Rules Download(Language-English Size-47KB) 46.19 KB
Membership Form PDF icon Membership Form Download(Language-English,Size-281KB) 280.43 KB
Library Brochure PDF icon Library Brochure Download(Language-English,Size 3.09MB) 3.09 MB
RRRLF Matching Schemes
Rural Book Deposit Centres & Mobile Library Services Microsoft Office document icon Rural Book Deposit Centres & Mobile Library Services Download 89.5 KB
Seminars, Workshops, Training Microsoft Office document icon Seminars, Workshops, Training Download 74 KB
Furniture/Equipment Microsoft Office document icon Furniture/Equipment Download(Language-English) 95.5 KB
Library Building Microsoft Office document icon Library Building Download(Language-English) 89 KB
Computer/TV Microsoft Office document icon Computer/TV Download(Language-English) 125 KB
RRRLF Non-Matching Schemes
Books/Furniture/Computer/Building to NGO Library Microsoft Office document icon Books/Furniture/Computer/Building to NGO Library Download(Language-English) 164.5 KB
Children/Senior Citizen/Neo-Literate Section Microsoft Office document icon Children/Senior Citizen/Neo-Literate Section Download(Language-English) 104 KB
Celebration of 50/60/75/100/125/150 years Microsoft Office document icon Celebration of 50/60/75/100/125/150 years Download(Language-English) 103 KB
Seminar/Conference Microsoft Office document icon Seminar/Conference Download(Language-English) 72.5 KB
Compilation of Library Statistics File Compilation of Library Statistics Download(Language-English) 12.77 KB
Assistance to centrally sponsored libraries File Assistance to centrally sponsored libraries Download(Language-English) 13.65 KB
RRRLF Children’s Corner Microsoft Office document icon RRRLF Children’s Corner Download(Language-English) 104 KB
Differentially Abled Corner Microsoft Office document icon Differentially Abled Corner Download(Language-English) 109 KB
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