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RRRLF Schemes
RRRLF Schemes

Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation. Kolkata (RRRLF) Financial Assistance Schemes for Library Development/Services.

URL: www.rrrlf.gov.in

Matching Scheme:

1.assistance towards the organization of Seminars, Workshops, Training Courses (Orientation / Refresher) Book Exhibitions & Library Awareness Programme;

2.Assistance to Public Libraries to acquire Computer with Accessories for Library Application & TV, CD Player, DVD Player for Education purposes;

3.Assistance to Public Libraries towards Increasing Accommodation;

4.Assistance to Public Development of Rural Book Deposit Centres and Mobile Library Services;

5.Assistance towards Purchase of Storage Materials, Reading Room Furniture and Library Equipment like Card Cabinet, Fire Extinguisher etc. including copier;

Non-Matching Scheme:

1.Financial Assistance to Public Libraries towards Celebration of 50/60/75/100/125/150 years and the Like;

2.Financial Assistance to Voluntary the Organizations providing Public Library Services;

3.Assistance towards Establishment of RRRLF Children Corner;

4.Financial Assistance to Children`s Libraries or Children’s Section, Women Section, Senior Citizen Section, Neo-Literate Section of General Public Libraries;

Financial Assistance towards the organization of Seminar / Conference by Professional the organization, Local Bodies, NGOs engaged in Public Library Development / Library Movement and University Department of Library Science.

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