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4th Floor: Rare Books and Goan History Section

This section has the rarest of rare book published since 1539 and has the only collection of local newspapers published since its inception. Collection of 167 pre-liberation bound newspapers & Journals published in Goa, the only existing collection of its kind on history of Goa.


Delivery of Book Act Section

Books received under Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867. This library is covered under Delivery of Book Act and is the repository of printed and published books in Goa.

Manuscripts and Imprints

This collection has manuscripts, Codices and imprints in Portuguese, Castilian, Latin, Tamil, Ceylones, Canary and Konkani dating from 17th and 18th century.

Microfilm/CD Browsing Centre

 Microfilms of around 10 lakhs pages have been completed and are placed for library use.

Data Imaging Centre

 This Centre will scanned and digitize all the old documents for preservation and to cater the readers for research work as and when required.

Fumigation Laboratory

A well-equipped fumigation chamber has been setup to protect the books from insects and flies.

Book Conservation Laboratory

A high tech preservation laboratory using latest chemical technology is set up to treat/preserve the books for National Prosterity.