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मानक प्रखरता काली थीमनीली थीम नारंगी थीम Theme भुरी थीम

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State Emblem Department Name National Emblem
कृष्णदास शामा गोवा राज्य केंद्रीय पुस्तकालय प्रतीक चिन्ह

कृष्णदास शामा

गोवा राज्य केंद्रीय पुस्तकालय

भारत सरकार का प्रतीक
लाइब्रेरी अनुभाग जीटीएल वाल्पपी
लाइब्रेरी अनुभाग जीटीएल वाल्पपी

पुस्तकालय के बारे में  | पुस्तकालय अनुभाग  |  लाइब्रेरी सेवाएं   |   लाइब्रेरी स्टाफ  |   सदस्यता योजना   |   हमसे संपर्क करें   |   प्रतिक्रिया

Library Sections

Reading Sections

The library subscribes 13 newspapers and 170 periodicals/magazines are provided to general public and student Community. Every year around 150 to 200 Diwali issues are made available for public. Different types of magazines are available for the use of students to enhance their knowledge for their studies and Competitive Exams.

Reference Section

The Reference Section caters to the needs of readers for their research work. This section has 680 books. All books are arranged in a classified order. Reference sources such as Encyclopedias, Yearbook, General Knowledge, Dictionaries, and the subject wise reference books are available for the library users.

Children’s Section

Children section has 2080 books of general knowledge, children magazines, Children’s Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, General knowledge, Story books etc. which attracts many children.

Circulation Section

This Section has 18941 books. 32 CDs/DVDs are available for the use of public. Online catalogue facility is available for the users for locating information and book of their choice. Issue/return of books to members is carried out manually.

  • डिजिटल भारत
  • आधार कार्ड
  • भारत सरकार
  • डिजिटल लॉकर
  • ओपन सरकारी डाटा (ओजीडी) प्लेटफार्म इंडिया लोगो
  • शोध प्रबंध और शोध प्रबंध के नेटवर्क डिजिटल लाइब्रेरी
  • ओपन एक्सेस रिपॉजिटरीज की निर्देशिका
  • ई -शोधसिंधु में आपका स्वागत है
  • सूचना और पुस्तकालय नेटवर्क केंद्र
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