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Ecclesiastical Documents & History
Ecclesiastical Documents & History

1. Documenta Indica, ed. By Josephus Wicki. Romae, Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesus, 1948-1975. 13 vols.

(It contains Jesuit missionary reports preserved in the Jesuit Roman Archives, Historical Archives of Goa and some other archival repositories. The documents are mostly in Latin and some in Portuguese. The period covered is from 1540 to 1585. )

2. Documentacao Para a historia das missoes do Padroado Portugues do Oriente collected and annotated by Antonio da Silva Rego. Lisboa, Agencia Geral da Colonias, 1947-1958.12 vols.

3. Souza Francisco. Oriente Conquistado a Jesus Christo. Lisboa Officina de Valentim da Costa Deslandes, 1708-1710

(The work is divided into two parts. Part.1 from 1542 to 1563 and Part. II from 1564 to 1585. The work gives detailed information about the various regions of Goa and the progress of Christianity there. It also gives news about the rulers of Bijapur, Cochin, Vijayanagara, Travancore, Madura, Mughal India, etc.)

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